JOMY® Counter Balanced Retractable Ladder-Cage Optional

Ladder can be released from below to provide lockable access to mezzanines or rooftops.

The ladder can also be released from above to provide safe egress from the bottom of existing fire escapes or other applications.

Counter Balanced lead weights are concealed inside the patented side rails of the ladders to provide trouble-free use regardless of snow, ice or salt air.

All aluminum construction with nylon bushings and stainless cables and fasteners provide a life-time of rust-free and maintenance-free service.

Custom heights, widths and OSHA compliant cages are available to suit any requirement.

This ladder is available in differing configurations as follows

    • ‘Staged’
    • ‘Straight run’ ladder with optional external Cage
    • ‘Straight run with counter balanced’, retractable lower (base) section for security

The sliding ladder is counterbalanced by counterweights in a post parallel to the ladder upright. On release, the ladder descends softly. Remounting the ladder afterwards requires a very limited force (“one finger”).

Release of the sliding part is possible (1) from above (evacuation / burglar proof installation), (2) from below (access) and / or (3) from the side with 3/4 safety cage (evacuation or access on multiple levels).

The sliding ladder can be combined with a safety cage on the top part of the ladder.

The maximum clearance height is 3 m. The telescopic ladder itself has a length equal to the clearance height plus 84 cm (or 3 rungs).