Mining Plant Access

Accidents due to misuse, or the provision of improper/inadequate means of access to Workplace Plant and Machinery can have catastrophic effect and results. No more so than with Mining Plant, much of it Mobile, wherein either can cause extreme Downtime Cost apart from consequential Personal Injury and Legislative Liability.

All Access Solutions has developed and combined old technology with new with its counter-balanced, retractable and winch operated access concepts.


  • Safe access with simple pull/push hand action, removes unreliability and maintenance of alternative mechanical operation and function.
  • Workplace safety is further enhanced with the counter balanced ladder access units ‘set’ to ‘self-lift’ up and out of the lower ‘traffic way’ corridor once travel use complete.
  • All access units, Counter balanced, Winch and/or other Manually operated derivatives being FREE FROM OIL, GREASE, HYDRAULICS OR ELECTRICAL needs or function provide the added Bonus in Removal of or Significant Reduction in Maintenance Downtime due to brief ‘air blast program’ dependant on environment.
  • Retractable from harm’s way prior to or after use.


Counterbalanced Retractable
Bunker Discharge Wagon
Loy Yang Power, Latrobe Valley, VIC.

Caged Counterbalanced Retractable
Conveyor Tripper
Whitehaven Coal, Narrabri

Free Fall/Winch Retractable
Overburden Conveyor
Rio Tinto, Clermont, QLD