AAS Counter-balanced & Winch Retractable access

The AAS range of self retractable and/or counter balance mechanism, manual, motorised or winch.

Plant and Site specific access systems for O H & S and Australian Standards Workplace Safety compliance.
Steel Tracking frame with Aluminium or Steel mobile ladder. Cage or guard rails fitted where required. Designed for inclined or vertical application and use.
All Access Solutions (AAS) specialises in Site and Plant specific access ladder systems and devices. Occupational Health & Safety compliance frequently requires new and unique additions and changes to the means of Workplace access.

Counterbalanced Retractable
Bunker Discharge Wagon
Loy Yang Power, Latrobe Valley, VIC.

Caged Counterbalanced Retractable
Conveyor Tripper
Whitehaven Coal, Narrabri

Free Fall/Winch Retractable
Overburden Conveyor
Rio Tinto, Clermont, QLD