• Operational at both Ground level and Base Station
    • Easy operation
    • Minimum Maintenance.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo Stage, Reverse action, Anodised, Extruded Aluminium, Extension Ladders.

Commissioned by Sutherland Shire Council, concerned about safe Maintenance access to Storm Water Sumps in the Australand, Greenhills, Kurnell, Residential House and Land Development, commissioned the Development, Fabrication and Installation of Special Purpose, Reverse Extension Ladders to access deeper Pits in lieu of traditional Step Irons.

(Image coming soon)

Western Power addressing the need for revising the Perth Suburban and CBD Grid, are progressively constructing a pattern of 29 underground Pits for the Circuitry layout.

The Pits being up to 6m deep require innovative retractable access… Retractable above Electrical Trades at bottom, attending to Circuitry works pulling Cable and connecting.

All Access were Commissioned to Develop, Fabricate and Install one to each with Project progress. The initial 11 being Installed November 2013.

The access units, again a variation of Reverse Extension Ladder as with Australand, Kurnell, are constructed in Fibreglass for Compliance to Australian Standards, Electrical Works.