KATT Access Ladders are an ideal solution in the workplace; for those requiring access to roof top plant and equipment.

KATT Extruded aluminium ladders are lightweight (yet remarkably strong) and corrosion resistant. To ensure simple installation, KATT Access Ladders are supplied in modular form and designed to meet and exceed the relevant national and local standards.


The Katt Permanent Access Ladder System provides safe and easy access to elevated areas such as roof tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. The Katt Ladder’s precision and unique profile design ensures a high level of safety and confidence for maintenance personnel. A proprietary fall protection system is recommended for safety of the user by incorporating an enclosed cage or a ladder fall arrest system depending on ladder height and application.

    •  Prefabricated modular componentry ensures easy on site assembly – no welding required
    • Lightweight, high strength aluminium construction
    • Increased safe working load of 150kg – industrial rated
    • Unique rung profile design makes ladder comfortable and easy to use
    • Low maintenance and neat appearance
    • Suits many varied applications and locations