Workplace Safety


Vertical Line Line Systems

The vertical ladder line system provides safe vertical movement at heights and continues the focus of providing total access solutions.

Ascending and descending is facilitated by the Fall Arrester that allows complete freedom in movement and hands free operation, and limits a fall to a maximum of 600mm.


VAS – Vertical Access Systems

Vehicle Access Systems have developed innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions to problems associated with access, inspection and maintenance at height on vehicles. These systems provide safe access to the roof of the vehicle through either a permanently fixed system on the roof of the vehicle or an engineered overhead fall arrest system.


Height Safety Products

All Access-Solutions aims to provide effective solutions for those requiring access to heights. Through our soft goods range, we have endeavoured to make the Harnesses and associated products as comfortable as possible, whilst ensuring maximum protection to the user.

The products have been influenced by studies into falling bodies, and when partnered with third party testing, assures the user maximum protection in the event of a fall.

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